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TODAY IS MY 29th BIRTHDAY! I would have never guessed that my last year of my 20s would arrive so quickly! It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in my eighth grade math class at the end of the year hearing my teacher say this:

“Guys, enjoy the next four years of your high school career. Those four years will speed by before you know it, and you will be out in the real world. The next thing you know, college will be over, you will be out there working, maybe married, and always be wondering where the time went”.

My teacher never really was a “heartfelt” kind of guy. Was the the O-Line football coach after all. His little speech didn’t speak to me so much on that particular day, however today it really stands out. That speech was over fourteen years ago…

I know turning 30 isn’t a huge “deal”, however I do want to enjoy my final year of being in my 20s. This is the last page of a chapter of my book of life. I’m going to live it to the fullest!


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